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LUKAS HOLLAND was established in 1992. Since that time, our company has been leading manufacturer of milking machines, milking systems, sprayers, fertilizer spreaders and some other agricultural implements in Turkey. Our brand is gained a wide respected reputation in many countries worldwide in a short while and become highly demanded worldwide brand in agriculture. As we are rising global brand of agriculture, we have been exporting more than 35 countries Worldwide with our Professional team, we are proud of serving our clients with superb quality equipment and services. Today LUKAS HOLLAND CO. continues to invest in the production and development of new solutions and technologies to simplify the work of modern farmers, paying a special attention to safety and environmental protection, consolidating a solid foundation for the future.
Our Firm is founded in 1963 , by Mr. Haci Mehmet Kavusan , as a Food and Agriculture&Farm Store , and then became a Corporation in 1987 with The General Management of Mr. Yusuf Kavusan.
In 1992 , company began to build a production base , to produce Agriculture&Farm Machines and Tolls with modern technology.By year 2000 our production base became a 1000 Milking Machines / per month producing factory , in a 2000 m2 field.
Our products are preferred inside and outside of the Country, due to their reliable,hygienic and user friendly structures.
We are fully dedicated to keep a high quality service to Our Customers ,with full spare parts guaranty
and broad Customer Support Services.
Our company produces and sales ; 12 different type of Milking Machines , Fodder Splitters and Automated Cow Watering Systems.Our products are certified by University Uludag and Turkish Standards Institutes (Cert# TSE 4798)
Since the foundation of our company there has been only one target; it is to create a manufacturer which has no difference between from the ones in developed countries and has the same opportunities. Our manufacturers are in number one position in the world with its hardworking. However they always have old technologies. The reason of it is that the new technology is imported to our country with very high prices. There is a big market in our country. In this market the foreign companies market their products very expensive. However our industry, manufacturing quality and technology in our country can manufacture this new technology with high grade, there is no deficiency for this. As CELIKKALELI LTD. STI. our only goal is to manufacture competitive technology with our 100% engineer, our technical staff and scientists. Today we have almost seized this goal. We will export products with our technological know-how combining with 30 year experience to developed countries. We will succeed this with hardworking, enduring and smart manufacturers sharing a common fate. For this we have an endless faith. Today we are able to manufacture the same products which so called world's giant companies manufacture, but we will do better. Our target is to succeed the best technological manufacturing in the world and to present these products first to Turkish villagers and manufacturers then to villagers and manufacturers in the world. Because of that we are working work non-stop and will.
Our company AKDAMLA SUT SAGIM MAKINELERI started its production with quality products and guarantee of fair price by combining experiences and practice with technology and is honored to serve our customers.

Our products are portable and single milking single bucket, double milking single bucket and double milking double bucket are manufactured. With these machines milking process of cattle and ovine is done in a very short time.

Our purpose in manufacturing AKDAMLA milking machine is to provide our farmer and peasants to process milking in a hygienic environment without hand touch according to standards and minimize the time spent in their intense work and convert this into cash.
Ilgun Milking Systems was founded in 1992 by President and CEO Fevzi ILGUN. The company develops, manufactures and markets milking systems, herd management sytems, milking systems for sheep & goat, vacuum pumps, cooling tanks, mobile milking machines that simplify, automate and innovate dairy farming. Over the past 20 years Ilgun Milking Systems has experienced steady growth as it is reputation for quality work and service has spread throughout the world. R/D department have been equipped with high tech test instruments all those equipments are dedicated to develop and improve existing product range and also to research and develop new products to meet farmer requirements and comply with international standards. Our professionals work side-by-side with farmers to help develop solutions that address their unique needs. This powerful combination of expertise and collaboration delivers consistent performance, winning results and long-term value.